We Are Free!




Hi Everyone! Welcome to The Studio:)
Today, I not only want to introduce you to Robert Herjavec, I want to introduce you to a truth that we have forgotten.
We are free.
We are free to be healthy. We are free to choose our lifestyle. We are free to learn. We are free to practice gratitude, kindness, and courage. We are free to take advantage of opportunities. We are free to act on creative ideas and passions. We are free to make the world a better place. We are free to change the direction of our life.
And we are free to not acknowledge this truth, which is the cause of most pain and suffering.
Robert Herjavec is a great reminder to all these freedoms that have been slumbering inside us — these freedoms that we cover with excuses, complaints, handouts, false victimizations, medications, labels, false identifications, and self-made prisons. Spend some time getting to know Robert, and see if something doesn’t start to awaken within you.



* Laura C Meyer, MS, is a mindfulness instructor at The University of Virginia, a mental health and substance abuse therapist, and founder of livemorestudio.com.

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