Right Seeing: We Don’t Live in a White World.




When I look around I see blue skies
I see butterflies for us
There is beauty in the world
So much beauty in the world
Always beauty in the world
– lyrics by macy gray

Happy Friday Everyone:)
Today’s mindfulness practice is Right Seeing: learning to use our eyes more skillfully. Mindfulness is not to deny truth. We don’t want to deny the less than beautiful things going on in the world, however, we don’t want to get stuck there. We can learn to direct our attention to the truth that there is also beauty in the world.
Right Seeing has potential to be a great dose of medicine to uplift your day!
Driving to the office today, I looked out at the Blue Ridge Mountains, the lush green trees, the blue sky, singing Macy Gray’s Beauty in the World.
So much color today!
What would the world look like if it were all white?
People of color make the world beautiful, and when colors blend, we get the most beautiful hues.
I love the hues!
So much color- so much beauty in the world.
Find beauty in color my friends:)



* Laura C Meyer, MS, is a mindfulness instructor at The University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, a mental health and substance abuse therapist, certified healthcare professional, and founder of livemorestudio.com.

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