The Power of the Mindful Pause.

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The pause is one of my favorite mindfulness practices.
It’s like a sweet moment, a breath of fresh air, a taste of sheer delight…ah.
Here are two ways to get started.
Formal practice: Find your seat- eyes closed- rest for a moment- breathe- bring gentle attention to the inhale and the exhale – notice the slight pause, the moment of stillness, at the end of each in breath and each out breath- repeat- noticing the pause before and after- be easy- be soft- noticing the space in between.
You can do this wherever you find yourself today – enjoy the pause for a few moments.
Informal practice: Stop- where you are in the moment- pause– take a breath- look around- what do you see- what do you hear- what are you thinking- what do you feel- pausepausepause- noticing the space in-between the doing.
The real power behind the pause is finding our way to the softer spaces and the stillness of our daily doing.
It’s different for everyone; you have to experiment to find out; that’s why it’s called a practice. Play with it and see what happens. Depending on which practice I do, eyes open or closed, I can either feel more spacious inside, or feel deeply connected to my inner presence and my environment. The connection itself can feel so good that I sometimes want to linger and not come back to the world of “doing”. It’s another one of my favorite doses of mindful medicine.
Side effects: with continued practice, the pause may create more spaciousness and connection, feeling more…ah, which may hinder work and external productivity. Use the pause wisely.


* Laura C Meyer, MS, is a mindfulness instructor at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, a mental health and substance abuse therapist, certified healthcare professional, and founder of

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