Chasing Glimpses




I don’t know who is chasing who. Am I chasing my dream or is it chasing me?
Life appears determined to not give up on me. And in hindsight, it seems to have always been that way.
Life sends me glimpses. Glimpses I didn’t know how to pay attention to when I was younger, but now I pay attention. It’s as if Life opens a veil – and you get a glimpse – and you are allowed to step inside for a moment – and you feel it – magic is in there– heaven exists.
I am a glimpse chaser. and learning to trust them. Great poets speak of these glimpses. Rumi knew of a field. Joesph Campbell knew of a bliss.


Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be. – joesph Campbell


And I will leave you with one of my recent favorites by Elizabeth Gilbert in her book, Big Magic:
But surely something wonderful is sheltered inside you. It’s one of the oldest and most generous gifts the Universe plays on us – both for it’s amusement and ours. The Universe drops jewels deep within us, and waits for our willingness to engage in the hunt to uncover them. 
If you have ever gotten a glimpse of something so wonderful deep inside you — it’s worth the hunt!
Chase it!



* Laura C Meyer, MS, is a mindfulness instructor at The University of Virginia, a mental health and addiction therapist, and founder of

This website is designed as an educational experience. It is not therapy. The information acknowledges that while medication is a viable treatment option, it is not the only solution. Disclaimer


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