How to Mindfully Catch Happiness.



Hi Everyone, and welcome to The Studio:)
Today I want to help you catch more happiness.
Happiness does not stop because we don’t see it — nor does having ours eyes closed lose us the ability to see it. Happiness is happening all around, it’s available every day; it’s free, and we just have to catch it.
Seeing by itself is a mindfulness practice that can be life changing. Unfortunately, for many of us our eyes can default to see all that is wrong in our lives. Or, we are not tuned into much of anything –  leaving our daily lives feeling dull and lifeless. But there is another way! We can train our eyes to catch more happy moments throughout the day.
Mindfulness is a practice of awareness, and we can help our eyes become more aware of seeing happiness. Our eyes want to be happy; they want to see happy.
Start seeing acts of kindness, or a smile. It can be a fun challenge to start catching smiles. See a couple in love as they hold hands. See someone laughing, see success, and someone enjoying the day. See written words of encouragement, anywhere. See natural spaces of peace; maybe in the sunset, or the open field as you drive by. There is so much happiness right in front of us, every day, we simply have to see it, name it, claim it, and catch it!
I am reminded of the song Beauty in the World by Macy Gray; “When I look around I see blue skies, I see butterflies for us. There is beauty in the world. So much beauty in the world. Always beauty in the world.” 
Moments matter. In essence, moments are the pearls that make up the stings of our lives. Life starts looking better when we catch more pearls (moments) of happiness, and there is so much happiness- here -now.
Enjoy the catch!


* Laura C Meyer, MS, is a mindfulness instructor at The University of Virginia, a mental health and addiction therapist, and founder of
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