Say Yes to Your Life.





Hola my friends! 
Our guest today is Shonda Rhimes, author of Year of Yes.


I wish I could get my clients to read her book, and I do suggest it, however, most of them won’t. But, I do not let that stop me from offering her valuable insight and life changing wisdom. 
I give my clients an appetizer version of the book so they still get benefits, and I want to offer the same to you today. 

Say yes to something that scares you. 

Because standing here sucks. Say yes to something that scares you. Why? To move you forward a little. Because saying yes might get you where you want to be, or at least somewhere different. 

Yes to speaking more truth. 

Where in your life do you need to speak more truth? To yourself, or someone else? Saying yes to speaking more truth is an act of courage.

Say yes to your body.

This week I will say yes to _________________ because my body is priceless. My body is how I experience and live in the world. 

Say yes to doing.

Do more doing about your dreams, and less dreaming. 

Say yes to play.

This week I will say yes to: _______________________

Say yes to ask for help. 

In Rhonda’s book, she writes about someone asking her the question, “How do you do it all?” and she answered, “I don’t.”  This week I will ask for ___________. 

Say yes to your desires! Stop giving up! 

Have fun with it:) 


* Laura C Meyer is a mindfulness instructor at The University of Virginia School of Medicine, therapist, writer, and founder of
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