Finding Brilliance in Politics.


Welcome to The Studio today:)
What a political time of mayhem and excitement huh?
For today’s show, I want to introduce you to a local friend of ours here at UVA, Jonathan Haidt. Jonathan is a social psychologist, and former professor at UVA.  I came to know Jonathan for his book, The Happiness Hypothesis, but today,  I want to introduce his research on The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives.
Perspective matters, and interestingly, the first time I had a political perspective shift was about 10 years ago…from a South Park episode – not kidding. I do think there is some brilliance in South Park, however, I can’t back up that brilliance with any valid research- but! Jonathan can.
Why is Jonathan’s work so important and impressionable at this time in the midst of our political uproar? Because the research he presents is utterly brilliant, and highlights the larger picture of the political mayhem.
Enjoy the show!



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