The Science Behind, “I’ll be Happy When.”




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Today, I want to share the science behind what we do to ourselves when we say, “I’ll be happy when…”
I’ve heard many teaching on this topic, I however, for the first time, heard Shawn Achor (the positive psychology guy), talk about what happens in our brain, and how we will always be seeking happiness (never actually arriving), if we continue the pattern of, “I’ll be happy when…” 
According to Achor’s research, this mindset trains our brains to always place happiness on the other side of the fence. So – when we do actually meet a goal…our brain says, “Nope, you’ll be happy when____, ” leaving us feeling disappointed over the long term after our initial success. Our brain leaves us to set another goal, as the thinking pattern continues with, “You’ll be happy when___.”  
This reminds me of people (myself included) who always think the grass is greener on the other side, until I heard this quote: 


What’s the solution? 

Be happy now. 
Find it today. Find some happiness now. It’s there…you just have to look for it! 
And if you are not happy with your current circumstances, the trick it to find some pleasure in the process of where you want to go. To start watering what you want to grow in your life.
Like planting a garden, there can be enjoyment in the process – we are actually happy to do the tilling, planting, watering, all the while waiting for the fruit of our labor. 
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