Why Meditating to “Fix” Will Fail You.




Hello Everyone. Welcome to The Studio today. 
Today I want to share a potential pitfall with a mindfulness meditation practice, and I want to be specific to a mindfulness practice –  I can not speak for other meditation practices. 
Using mindfulness meditation to fix yourself is like trying to climb a mountain with a friend and always telling your friend to do it this way, do it that way, stop this, and start doing that. 
This type of travel companion is exhausting; not kind, nor fun, and will fail to give you the experience of a beautiful, amazing journey of exploration. 

Mindfulness meditation is more about the exploration.

Mindfulness is more about the discovery, and in the coming to know yourself. It’s more about observation. More “being” with ourselves; and less doing.  We come to the practice of sitting with ourselves to cultivate a relationship. It’s a relationship of learning to relate to ourselves no matter what shows up- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

You become the friend on the mountain. 

So with the friend on the mountain, it looks more like simply letting them be, walking by their side, being with, and getting curious about them.
The most amazing by-product of learning to travel well with ourselves in patience, kindness, love, self-discovery, and non-judgement, is that we will automatically learn to be with others in this way.
Mindfulness meditation is not about trying to fix ourselves.  We know this from the friendships we feel most comfortable in; they don’t try to fix us.
Mindfulness meditation is not just another thing to do. We know this because we don’t bring this attitude to our friends, nor do we feel we have to try so hard or to prove ourselves. It’s a practice of wanting to be with ourselves. 
There is an entire mountain. A never ending summit. An inner world to be discovered.  And when you meet your very own inner best friend, everyday is a crazy amazing experience. 
Much like climbing a mountain, each day is a new adventure. Some days the adventure is full of fun and beauty. Somedays it’s full of hard work, fear, and pain. All the same, at the end of the day, even the pain and fear is worth it. 
Life becomes a discovery of waking up to what’s here now? – and the adventure keeps going, and going, and going, with another day, another mountain, so it’s best to befriend yourself along the way.
Best to you, and your inner relationship, 



* Laura C Meyer is a mindfulness instructor at The University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, therapist, writer, and founder of livemorestudio.com.

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