Opiate Solutions: A Suboxone Taper




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At some point, if you don’t already know someone struggling with opiate addiction, you may be faced with great controversy on the best approach for treatment. 

I am not an advocate for most medication; especially MAT (medication-assisted treatment). Even though I’ve been working with MAT for eight years, I am still not a fan. 

Actually, I take that back. I will support MAT if it’s used for what it was originally designed for (as a taper): but it’s not

We (as an industry), and with the rise of pharmaceutics; have all gotten in over our heads – but I do want to offer hope if you or a loved one finds themselves choosing MAT as an opiate solution. 

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* Laura C Meyer is a mindfulness instructor at The University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, mental health & addiction therapist, and founder of Live More Studio.

This website is designed as an educational experience. It is not therapy. The information acknowledges that while medication is a viable treatment option, it is not the only solution. Disclaimer