M&M: Do you recognize love?


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Insight tastes good! 



Happy happy Monday! Let’s talk about love today, but before we begin, here is a beautiful excerpt from one of my new favorite television shows, This is Us, to help get us started. 


Oh to be given the chance
a start
a restart.
Will love come for you as it did for me?
Find you?
Wreck you?
Save you?
Change you?
And if love finds you
hunts you
captures you-
will you hold it tight?
Nurture it?
Protect it?
I hope you will.
I hope you can.


We all seem to think we know how to love- to give love- but do we know how to receive Love? Do we even recognize Love once it finds us? 
And we all seem to think Love feels good, therefore if something doesn’t feel good, we can easily dismiss Love when it tries to find us; missing Love’s beautiful nudges. 
With my clients struggling in addition, Love comes to wreck them. No, the wreckage doesn’t feel good, but when Love pushes one of my clients to his knees; it becomes the most loving thing to do…to awaken him. 
When Love takes away that which is no longer good for us- giving us the chance for a restart; it becomes the most loving thing to do. 
When my clients fear- fear the unknown- fear of an unknown life…when Love comes to capture them, to save them. To save them from the old, from the past, showing them potential for the future…no, that fear does not feel good; but it becomes the most loving thing to do. 
Love finds us. Love hunts, and captures us when we are not ready, and we are unprepared. It’s part of what Love does; it’s a skillful hunter, and part of the mystery. Love finds us when we didn’t ask for the arrival – but when Love comes…will you recognize it? 
How is Love nudging you? Trying to Love you? 
Will you be able to recognize Love…I hope you will…I hope you can. 



* Laura C Meyer is a mindfulness instructor at The University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, mental health & addiction therapist, and founder of Live More Studio.

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