Opiate Epidemic: Are We Creating Puppets In Pain?

Addressing the problem of heroin and abuse of prescription medications is about addressing the pain of our daily lives, and helping people come to understand this, and how to change their lives. 
Last, and most important to me, is the knowing that we are capable of learning and unlearning. We are powerful when we take responsibility and use our inner resources. We can choose to log out of the madness and start detaching those painful puppet strings. And knowing how much time we invested in creating a mess for ourselves, we can choose to invest our time to clean it up, not keep covering it up.
How do I know this? Because we are human. If someone is crashing and burning their car, sure we can punish them, lock them up, tell them they are sick and diseased, but at some point, it may be helpful to ask if they know how to drive. Same for being human—have we really been taught how to drive ourselves?
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