2021: The Coming To Our Senses.

Because it’s still true.
“You don’t know what you have here. You simply don’t know what you have.”
I doubt if anyone really understood what he meant. He was obviously speaking about America and telling us we did not appreciate what it was. 

-jacob needleman 



As long as this body is breathing, there is opportunity. There is opportunity on American soil – right under our feet; everyday.
It’s in the roots. 
Take heed.  
Something of great value wants to be recovered.


2021 is an entering in. 


Into the Hospital – in the style of hosp.ital.ity. The kind of hospital where I (the guest) will be received with goodwill. Where I receive the generosity and care of real doctors. Doctors that respect and understand the roots of their profession: to teach. Look it up for yourself.
I am in the care of doctors who teach vitality
Vitality…is what I have lost and it wants to be recovered. 
Low vitals. Almost dead. Dead man (Americans) walking. 
The cellular soil of my biology has been stripped, depleted, violated with toxins, mauled with materialism, and drowned with distractions. 
Roots…dried out, dull – no fruit can bare. Barren. 


Barren humans we have become. 


I am in good care; with Recovery Specialists who will teach me how to enter the space of 2021 differently- to enter life with actual life – to bid my blood to run, and to bring me back to life. 
Bring me to life. Wake me up inside. Breathe into me and make me real. Save me from the nothing I’ve become. *
They will show me how to enter in. To enter my life like I’ve never known, but always hoped for.


Because America was (and still is) the hope for a better future. 


To allow the doctors to open me in a way that life can enter. To put life back into my life, and to repair my roots. 
What a beautiful recovery this will be. 


Real hosp.ital.ity. Real doctors. Real care. 
To recover life-giving roots. 
Life Recovery. Lifestyle recovery. 
Recovering the style of life.


Lifestyle medicines and injections have to be administered everyday. 
Practices. Experiments. Clinical trials. Antidotes, and mojo vaccines. 


This is innovation.  


This is the kind of healthcare my cells have been longing for.


So I begin today, entering into a 2021 recovery with a new treatment plan. 
A treatment plan that starts with the roots, everything under my feet, and a new style of getting ‘triggered.’
To begin life-giving root injections of the sun, fresh air, and water. 
To embrace the medicine of learning to get triggered by the littlest graces.
To be triggered by the littlest graces of my human senses: as I learn to come to my senses (once again) – senses that have been dulled, damaged, and diluted.
Diluted by the artificialness of the masses. Treatment begins by eliminating the masses. Masses no more. And yes to the more of less.
Less. Small. Subtle graces of our daily senses. A real coming (back) to our senses.
Sensory recovery. 
Because common sense is vital.


To allow 2021 to be a New Year like we’ve never known, but always hoped for.
To pursue a different kind of happiness –  a different cultivation: a different culture.
Cultivating a different culture. A beautiful potential for those of us who have nothing better to do with the nothing we’ve become. 
I, have nothing better to do, but to enter 2021 differently.
Nothing else better, than to change the style of my life.
Nothing else better to do, than to cultivate the appreciation, the value, and the recovery of my internal and external roots. 
Nothing else better to do, than to explore the opportunity of bringing myself back to life. 
To enter in. 


To this type of recovery, where the doctors hook me up to life-giving ventilation. To the ventilation of cellular vitality, to a love, to a beauty and a grace that is desperate to breathe through my lungs.  
To see if there is any courage left to recover in the bloodline. 


To recover the ability I have to breathe in daily graces. Daily manna.   
To remember the abilities I have as an American; to focus on, to hope for, and to pursue opportunities for a better future. 
To remember what it means to walk on American soil. To remember that I was not given life as a means to suffocate the graces out of me. 
To re.member what I have here as a means to re.pair myself as a member of American culture.