The Courage to be a Man Of Worth

I know what you are really craving is your own courage. May this open you, just enough, to remind you – that you are capable of being in the top 10.
You are capable because you are Man.

Well, it’s more about fighting for your masculine worthiness. And you are the only one who gets to decide if it’s worth it.
Is it worth it?
That’s the start of recovery.
If you answered yes, you have just claimed your first win – your first victory. To find worth in your own worthiness – it’s a beautiful thing – a beautiful start.
The fact that you think you are worth it. You may even want to say it out loud – beat your chest – I am man. I am worth it.
Awaken yourself.
Awaken your masculinity.
Sure, I have men say no. I think they say no because they know what a yes entails.
A yes means they will have to drop down into the arena of their lives. Things will start to get real – real messy maybe – and dropping into the arena is not for everyone. It takes courage to stay in our daily lives.
Courage is not equally distributed.
Some of the most powerful words I’ve heard spoken. (by Dr. Cornel West)
Many men don’t want to get real, so we have very few real men – however you want to define “real men.” You can define it as strong or as weak as you need. I am more concerned with the former.
Reality is not for all men – that’s why they will keep avoiding it – with drugs, alcohol, sex, excuses, sloth, victimhood, violence, passiveness, and other forms of distraction.
Anything to distract from reality. Anything to distract from dropping into the arena of their own lives. The same lives they don’t deem worthy enough to fight for.
They are not fighters. Runners they are – running from their lives – running from themselves. Running from the very thing they crave: their masculinity.
Stop running. I know that you know your life is worth the fight. 
Yes, I find it sad – very. That’s a reality I’ve had to drop into.
The reality that most men are not fighters. That courage is not equally distributed.
Sad that men don’t want to fight for their own lives, for their integrity – and don’t consider their self-respect worth fighting for.
Men are ‘protectors’ and when they can’t protect the integrity of their masculinity (of who they are) well… this is where you start. This is where strength starts to build.
I read it in David Goggin’s book: about the 100 men. Some old school philosopher – about 100 men on a battlefield. That 10 shouldn’t be there, 80 are just targets, 9 are the real fighters, and one is a warrior.
We need ten good men.
For the sake of ten. It’s my Abraham Plea.
Ten men with masculine worthiness –  out of every 100. It could be enough to turn the tide.
Because this is about worthy masculinity. Victory, Glory, Success…all achieved with strong masculine character.
Addiction, depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction, unfulfillment, and all that jazz – needs a masculine approach as well as the feminine. The over-feminized approach (alone) is not going to win the battle.
Feminine qualities such as; self-care, compassion, collaboration – mindfulness this and that – I get it – I’ve been using mindfulness for over a decade with clients. It’s needed, however, feminine aspects need to collaborate with some good old-fashioned masculine discipline and accountability to take us to a Victory.
Without the masculine approach, you maintain weakness, powerlessness, and victimhood. And what you get, over time, is a lot of targets – too many targets– not enough fighters.
Too many emasculated men – men without their masculine strength.
This is a big…big…big…big…problem, in a million different ways. And the solution is to masculate- which means to make strong.
The solution is to help people recover their innate ability (men and women) to engage in worthy masculine qualities- and for men, the more they engage in these qualities – the more quality men they become.
Masculine qualities such as; self-respect, discipline, self-accountability, goal setting, working through challenges, self-awareness, protection, provisions, effort and earning power, physical and mental strength –  to know one is capable – capable to achieve, and capable to keep going in the midst of defeat and failure.
It’s amazing stuff.  It has the potential to change everything in one’s life. I’ve seen it. And it has potential to change our entire mental and behavioral health system- to teach men (and women) how to draw from the well of their own worthy masculine capabilities.
And it’s free.
It’s innately free – to everyone – but not everyone wants to pay the price.
You have to decide if it’s worth it.
If being a worthy man, of worth, is worth it.
It’s time to drop down into the arena of our lives. Time to draw from the well of our innate, free, capabilities to be worthy men (and women) – this is real wellness.