To free my soul from mental and societal constraints.
To free my soul from trivial pursuits.
Free from insignificance.

To free my soul from worthless matters.
Free from biological and psychological pollutants.
Free from the embedded atmosphere of toxic intoxication.

Free from the useless rhythms of the mind.
And from that which stagnates the biological vehicle.
Free from the incessant pool of consumption – of which I drown.

Free from that which demands this soul to be less.
From that which steals.
Steals the goodness, the beauty, and the grace
that wants to emanate from this space.

I know less about what I am,
and more of what I am not – the not which I proceed to emancipate.

I don’t know what this means,
but by all means, I will partake.

And so I keep going
on this pursuit of being.

Willing to pay the price.