Stuff. Screens & Suffocation.

You have no space. And without space, you suffocate.

Stuff is your suffocation.
Cluttered. Internal and external clutter.
Mental and physical clutter.
We (as humans), yes, have the capability to be ‘boundless’ i.e. without boundary, however, to be boundless via the internet – in the boundless consumption of thousands of people (minds) in one day – is the clutter of hoarding.
Mental hoarding. Digital hoarding in your mind. 
It will choke you out. 
Stand at the foot of the ocean. Boundless to a large degree. You are free to enter (swim) out toward all that open space. And without wise, proper means, you will drown. The water, the waves, and the tides, will choke you out: literally. The water will suffocate the lungs. 
Such as with screens and stuff. They will suffocate your mind – then constrict blood flow – until you lose consciousness. 
To be an unconscious human. 

Hoarders have alot of stuff. It’s less than useful stuff, and in mass quantity.
Mass quantity of boundless hoarding via the internet is less than useful.
Hoarders suffocate physical space. Mental hoarders in the collection of data, suffocate mental space.
Stuff & Screens are your suffocation. 

Free yourself so you can breath.
Breath into new spaciousness.

Minimalize your screens and your stuff.
Minimalize your minds: this is freedom. 
-manna received, manna given