Eat More Love: The New Year Weight Loss Plan.

 This is a giant block of whatever is most difficult for you to carry & trust me on this, you’ll carry it more times than you can count until you decide that’s exactly what you want to do most & then it won’t weigh a thing anymore.
– story people
 beautiful beautiful beautiful 
Do More Love. Eat More Love.

When you start eating- feeding on- ingesting- digesting exactly what you want in life – the heaviness will decrease.
We all have our limits on how we give and receive love. We have our individual love programs and internal love systems. And…we have ways of blocking love. 
We don’t let love in, even when it’s staring us down. Like the healthy food we don’t see at the grocery. Nor the road in front of us in which to walk, or the bikes in the garage.
We all want more love…so the question becomes, how do we get it?
We start eating it.
Ask yourself, What is the loving thing to do for myself today? For my current circumstance today?  
Take some time to digest the reality of your life. 
Stop feeding on all the junk food (junk information) for a moment.
What does your life look like? As if you were looking at your physical body in the mirror – look at your life – what is being reflected back to you?
What’s possible for a new reflection?  
What if we took more responsibility to have more love in our lives?
What would be the loving thing to do for our body? Our financial health, our relationships, and our future? Whatever the answer, start chewing on that. 
Chew on these Questions.
Be forewarned, you won’t feel like doing the loving thing. It won’t taste good at first. 
Why? because we have to change the old system (patterns, defenses, behaviors), and change takes energy. It takes energy to chew on something. It takes energy to swallow, to digest. And the new system might not feel comfortable, it will not feel normal, and it’s not going to (until it does), because it’s new. 
Love is an acquired taste – like fresh vegetables.

And most of us are not comfortable letting real love in. Artificial sure, like artificial food sources; food of less quality. Most of us are not comfortable letting real food in, much less love.
Change your feed. Change your life.
We change our body system, our financial system, life system, and relationships by loving them a little everyday. We can allow more love to be present in our lives by feeding on exactly what we want (but might not taste good at first).
Take your time. It can be a slow process. Eat a little love everyday until it starts to taste good. Continue to eat, engage, lean in, until it’s your new normal. 
Which type of discomfort do you want to live with?
1. The discomfort of carrying around the giant block i.e. weighted down, heavy.
2. The discomfort of starting to eat more love.
Which do you choose?  
Cheers to a Happy New Year.
Manna received, manna given,