Winter Birdsong.

Faith in all things I don’t know. And it seems important to go into the I don’t know
And I have no other place to go. No place worth going to.
All things known impress me not.
Bored of what I do know.
Ready for the Winter Adventure of what I don’t know.

The willingness to risk the unknown, has finally found me. 
Getting winter glimpses of a need to let go – just as the nature of Winter does.
To let go of that which is known and to prepare for a Spring unknown. 
To see what the unknown springs forth. 

To bring about the joy of discovery – and maybe, re.turn to me that joy so that I may in the Spring. 
The observation of these glimpses represent themselves as courage, love, beauty, and grace. 
Wisdom came the other day.
And strength arrived this morning. 

They don’t stay long.
Fleeting they are.
Like Birdsong in the Winter.


They stay longer amidst no distractions.
So today, I begin the intention process of minimalism – to distract myself less – to make room for these beautiful glimpses. This will not be an easy feat, but it will be done. It has to be done. For my sanity. 
And why would I not – not make more room for the presence of beauty, grace, courage, and strength?
Love lingers longer when there are no distractions. 

Emotional minimalism is essential. 
You have to let go of clutter-noise in order to hear Birdsong in the Winter. 
You have to let go in order to make room for beauty and grace. You have to let go of internal ugliness and hatred. You have to let go of the internal uglies: of complaint, ingratitude, and all things unforgiven. 
You have to let go of weakness and fear to make room for strength and courage. 

Climb a mountain, and you will know the essential essence of minimalism – of external and internal minimalism.
If your backpack is too heavy it weighs you down.  You have to let stuff go. 
Stuff becomes a burden and you learn to travel light.
You have to travel light in the Winter in order to hear Birdsong. 

You learn what you can carry and what you can’t.
The mountain dictates what you can carry. If you start arguing or trying to control the dictates of the mountain, I promise, you will lose. 
The final ascension on Mt. Kilimanjaro. I had to let go of mental clutter and emotional distractions.
There was no room for fear, worry, or complaint.
Those companions might have killed me. 

Life minimalism is essential this Winter.
Change is here, and new strength is in provision. 
Let the glimpses guide you, provide for you, and teach you. 

Winter Restoration will re.cover your deepest longing if you distract not. If you learn the essential essence of minimalism. 
Distract me no more as I take this journey into the unknown. 
When the unknown finally feels safer than the known.
So that is where I will go this Winter. And I have to stop complaining. I have to stop focusing on all things wrong. I have to uncluttered my heart for Birdsong. 
manna received, manna given,