Are You Depleted of Life Vitamins?

I once had a dream that I was in the doctor’s office complaining of fatigue, and just not feeling myself. I told him that it had been a long time since I’d genuinely felt happy. 
He ran some tests, and I waited in the lobby with eager anticipation for my results. 
The doctor came back with my test results and said, “Ms. Meyer, your test results show that you haven’t ridden your bike in two months, you haven’t had time with friends and family in five weeks – no quiet time in three weeks, and what happened to Sunday trips to the beach?” 
“Huh?” I muttered. 
He continued, “What they do show is you putting in extra hours at work. Ms. Meyer, you are depleted of your life vitamins. I am writing you a prescription for one life vitamin a day, and when you feel better, you can take two and so forth. Have a good day Ms. Meyer.” 
I dream of the day this really happens in a doctor’s office. 
Be well, and take your life vitamins today.