The Art of Worthy Character.

I am hesitant to use the language of good or bad – as to not say, “The art of good character, ” so I have chosen the language of worthiness. 
The language of worthiness and of character. 
And to bring attention to the character in which we are living on a daily basis – like a character in a movie – is the character we are living, worthy?
It doesn’t have to be – you get to choose what role you play. 
2022 is presenting a new casting call. 
Are we living a life worthy of our own watching? Or has our life and our character become a boring-mindless-waste of time? 
Have we lost all interest in our own character, that we have devoted ourselves to the character of others? And are these characters worthy of our life-time? 
Have we really nothing better to do? 
2022 is the chance to explore our worthiness of character – if we have the courage to honestly self-confront ourselves, at our core, is the life we are living a worthy existence? Or do we find ourselves in the not

Not having a clear idea of the sources of meaning in life,
so you don’t know where you should devote your skills, which career path will be the highest and best.
Years pass and the deepest parts of yourself go unexplored and unstructured.
You are busy, but you have a vague anxiety that your life has not achieved its ultimate meaning and significance.
You live with an unconscious boredom,
not really loving, not really attached to the moral purposes that give life its worth.
You lack the internal criteria to make unshakeable commitments.
You never develop inner constancy, the integrity that can withstand popular disapproval or a serious blow.
You find yourself doing things that other people approve of, whether the things are right for you or not.
You foolishly judge other people by their abilities, not by their worth.
You do not have a strategy to build character,
and without that, not only your inner life but also your external life will eventually fall to pieces. *

2022 becomes the landscape, the blank canvas, in which to create, build, and develop worthy character. 



Notes: The Road to Character by David Brooks