I Am Fe.


I see it everywhere – the pain of not knowing what it means to be a female.
I see it in her. I see it in myself. I see it in our body language – in the weak stance of our sadness, desperation, and hopelessness of possibly never knowing the quality and value of our femininity.
Putting on a (fake) smile, accompanied with the emptiness of “everything’s fine” – bandaids over deep fears and anguish – that we will miss out on the greatest thing about ourselves; being a woman.
And this is not an idea to be ‘wo’ without man, nor do we want to become a man. Those ideas are for those who those ideas are for.
We…Fe…want to be a higher quality woman. We want to be the beautiful Fe to the Male.
This is about ‘wo’ as a complement to man. Woman.
It’s less about being equal and more about contributing our equal part to the whole. To play our unique instrument (feminine nature) as a complement to the great harmonics of our world. To be the ‘fe’ of the male. This is about becoming more in tune with the beauty that resides in the gift of yin and yang – of male and fe.
Welcome to I am Fe.


I am Fe. 
I am the Fe of the Male.
It was a beautiful conversation.
Discussing the truth of: we have a hard time standing in a position of authority. 
As women – we have a hard time standing in our authority – in our sovereignty.
“I was able to stand up for a minute,” she said, “and then I backed down.”
Not wanting to back down, but not knowing how to stand her ground – with grace.
Because we don’t want to stand as harsh, bitchy, or over-emotional women. We don’t want to be a passive puppet, silenced by the masses – standing in a cesspool of resentment.
We don’t want the over-masculinized woman who claims her power as such. Nor do we want to be an Empty Barbie – plastic on the outside and empty on the in. And, lest we forget, we don’t want to be the woman filled to her pores with blame and complain.
“Where is our feminine strength?” she asked, “And what are we supposed to be doing?”

As women, what are we supposed to be doing?  

We want to be powerful fe.males.
To be the powerful fe (of and for) a powerful male – and because we respect and value the presence of a worthy (quality) masculine man.
We want to be skillful, tactful, and to hold our ground in a state of grace, but we don’t know how.
We have very few (real) women to look up to (today). We have very few “women’s women.”
Yes, “she” may be a woman in a position of authority, but she has no real power as a female. You can feel the lack of authentic power, and therefore, she lies just as weak as the rest of them. She is an empty suit. 
Weakness permeates us all – into a mass state of confusion that begets the question, “As women, what are we supposed to be doing?”
What does it mean to be a skillful woman in current culture? And where can we go for support to help us become such a woman?
What I do know – is that the answers are not found in the masses. The current seeds of mass production are of little to no quality.
This is for us women who understand that answering this question is vital. Our life depends on it – our inner life depends on it, and the lives of future generations depend on it.
“As women, what are we supposed to be doing?”
Join me as we journey together for the I Am Fe series – as we begin to answer this vital question.

-bless bless bless your beautiful femininity,