The Pursuit of Priceless Matters.

I know what I am after, but I can’t say I know where it exists.
Where does priceless matter lie?
This is nothing short of being a gold miner.
A gold digger of a different sort –  I am.
Digging into the depths of time and space.
Looking. Seeking the priceless.
The priceless matter of time. With all its intangible qualities; we somehow manage to consume time with all the gluttonous, disrespect, and non-attention we consume our tangibles.
It’s a great matter of time.
To know the matters of the tangible and the not – and to go for the gold.
Time is a priceless matter. And lies nowhere but here.
It matters how I use time. It matters that I learn to value- to be grateful for time. It matters that I increase my attention to time. No time, no life– when one runs out of time. . 
Time is a priceless exchange. The exchange of time matters.
Intangible exchanges, in the midst of time.
Could there be a better pursuit?