Let the Fall Season Serve You.


Let it fall away Sweet One. Let it fall away. 

There are things to be done. 

New things. 

Let the old fall away. 


Forgive and forget – that’s how it’s done Sweet One. Forgive and forget. 


Forgive other. Forgive self. 

Forgiveness is the gift. 


Forgive and reach forward. 


Let go of old habits that no longer serve the newness of you: let them go to pursue anew.


What is this new you? 

Declare it so Sweet One; declare it so. 


Let this be a season to let the fear, doubt, lack, and all things insecure…fall away. 

Like leaves on the tree…let them fall away. 


Let the addictions, the rejection, the neglect and abandon fall away this season. 


Let this season of Fall serve you Sweet One.

Let the seasons serve you. 


Fall Sweet One: fall. Open your hand and let it fall. 


Prepare to move into Winter empty handed – with nothing in hand. Bare – with nothing – because you let it go. 

Bare branches in the Winter, but you will see, that Spring comes and you will be free. 

Free from the past, and free from the old. 


Let it all go. Spring will come. 

Let the seasons serve you Sweet One. 

Let this season of Fall serve you.