When Ugliness Falls.

It’s a letting go.
An opening of the hands (your hands) and letting it go.
Letting the ugliness go. Letting the lack, the anger, apathy, grief, and the fear go.
The Seasons are here to serve you.
They are gifts of healing, of transformation, of growth, and expansion.
Nature becomes a great gift.
It is the Eve of Thanksgiving.
Today, let’s clarify it to be the last day of Fall.
Today, in the Spirit of Fall, we will burn the old leaves. We will burn the old ugliness, burn the lack, burn the apathy, the anger, the hate, and all things fear.
We may grieve today, as we release all things that have grieved us this year; this lifetime.
The people, the places, and things. The politics, the rants, and the ills. The war within and the war without.
Today, we let it all go. Put it to death (with respect).
We will respectfully let go of that which is no longer needed.
Do you need to still carry the ugliness? for what and for who?
Do you need to carry the anger, the hatred? for what and for who?
Look at what you are still holding in your cells, and in your psyche.
Fall is a season of falling away. Let it all fall away.

Let it fall and (leave) it there.

Bare we might be, and I will show you how to stay warm with the Spirit of Harvest and Winter.
Bare naked. Yes.
Preparing to turn a new leaf in the Spring.
Take the paper Sweet One. The paper made of wood from the tree.
Let your hand say goodbye.
Let your psyche release it all.
Let’s grieve today all that has grieved us.
There is a death of the self today. A death to the parts of ourselves that have been in relationship to all things ugly, angry, hateful, and to all things not enough.
Today we release the pain of all that holding.
Empty yourself, and breathe deeply.
Harvest will come.
Harvest will come to fill anew.
Put it all on the tree that is now paper.
Find a safe space to burn it. Mix it with some leaves.
We are having a funeral today.
Funeral: dead body.
Today, let’s have a ritual to take care of all that is dead in our body and in our psyche.
We are putting the ugliness to death. The anger, the hatred, and the lack – to death.
And we will put it to death respectfully.
Goodbye ugliness. You have been with me since I was 5 years old.
Goodbye fear. You have been with me since I was in the wound.
Goodbye apathy. You came to me on that day I was thirteen. I remember it so.
Goodbye lack. You entered my mind at such a young age.
You have all been guests for way too long, and today I say goodbye.
You have caused me great grief, and I will grieve the loss today.
There’s some sadness as I bid farewell and prepare for your burial.
I can not linger here any longer.
I have a funeral in which to prepare.

Photo by Mockup Graphics on Unsplash