About Live More


LIVE MORE STUDIO is a teaching and mentoring studio specializing in informal therapeutic mindfulness and minimalism for mental and behavioral health. I teach people how to use direct experience, exploration, and all that is right with them as the curriculum for change. I simply ask people to consider the medicine of mindfulness and to see if taking more responsibility for their life doesn’t make all the difference.


WHAT IS A MINDFULNESS PRACTICE? Mindfulness is a practice of increased awareness, attention, and skillfulness; in and of our humanness. Cultivating these abilities can include formal practices such as sitting meditation, yoga, and such, as well as informal practices that include mindful attitudes, qualities,  awakening our senses, and becoming more present for our presence. 


WHY LIVE MORE? I wish for you to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and to see if you can learn what it has to teach, and so not, when you come to die, discover that you have not lived.  – inspired by Thoreau  


WHY MINDFULNESS? Because there are no drugs that will make you immune to stress or pain, or that will magically solve your problems. It will take a conscious effort on your part to move in the direction of healing and peace. This means learning to work with the very stress and pain that is causing you to suffer. – Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn


Welcome to the greatest journey of your life; your life.



This website is designed as an educational experience. It is not therapy. The information acknowledges that while medication is a viable treatment option, it is not the only solution. Disclaimer