Earning Your Own Self-Respect.

      Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, and all that jazz….welcome to The Studio:)  I can feel it…I can feel when their mind starts churning. I wait patiently, and they say, “You ask hard questions.”  I reply, “I know. I don’t mean to, but just chew on it a little longer. ”  One of my most […]

The Science Behind, “I’ll be Happy When.”

    Hola, and welcome to The Studio:)   Today, I want to share the science behind what we do to ourselves when we say, “I’ll be happy when…” I’ve heard many teaching on this topic, I however, for the first time, heard Shawn Achor (the positive psychology guy), talk about what happens in our […]

Say Yes to Your Life.

      Hola my friends!  Our guest today is Shonda Rhimes, author of Year of Yes. I wish I could get my clients to read her book, and I do suggest it, however, most of them won’t. But, I do not let that stop me from offering her valuable insight and life changing wisdom.  I […]

Eat More Love: The New Year Weight Loss Plan

When our wanting feels like not wanting…and we don’t do what we want to do.  ??? When we don’t feel like doing that which we know will be good for us.  ??? When you start eating exactly what you want in life: the resistance will decrease.  !!! This is a giant block of whatever is […]