Mindful Recovery



Moving Beyond The Disease Model


empowerment not powerless
humanness not diseased
wisdom not woe
skills not pills


Teaching people how to drive themselves – to stop crashing and burning, and to be a little more playful in the process, is the greatest practice I can offer. 




*Research shows that after one year, a mindfulness-based program proved better than standard cognitive-behavioral relapse prevention, and a conventional 12 step program in reducing drinking and drug use.   JAMA Psychiatry May 2014
Mindful Recovery is a practice of intentional effort to become a self-aware, skillful human. 
Taking a mindfulness-based approach for our own mental, behavioral, and societal health, Mindful Recovery is an invitation to recover one’s self from all the ways we run, hide, ignore, and distract ourselves from facing the Life in front of us. 
People who choose the invitation do so in an effort to experience Life on their own terms by learning how to properly take care of themselves.  Mindful Recovery is a practice of learning to meet and enter the realities of Life, with all its pleasures and challenges. The education, inner discipline, and awareness practices help people move away from non-useful behavior and move toward who they are capable of becoming.
The focus has less to do with the woes of addiction, and more about gaining wisdom to empower ourselves with increased self-awareness, inquiry, and observation. 
The approach includes evidence-based education and current research on topics such as working with the mind, emotions, the body, avoidance, desire, letting go of stories and limiting beliefs, understanding habit, inner higher powers, gratitude, forgiveness, formal and informal mindfulness practice, inner discipline, stress & body management, reprograming the reward system, and more.


Dare to try something new. 






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