Opioid Road to Success

Opioid Road to Success

Hi Everyone, I have so many clients who feel (think) that a taper from Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is impossible, and I'm here to tell you it's not.  I have an article over at The Fix. Check it out, and get yourself a dose of hope and success.  Read the full story here: Opioid Road to Success: Tapering Off [...]

Mindful Treatments for Rumination

Rumination is a mental habit which leads to a fixation on flaws and problems, thus extending a negative mood. With continued attention to our problems, we become obsessed with our pain and can retreat from life. We stop eating (or eating more), sex drive disappears, sleep is disrupted, we are tired all the time, life [...]

Mindfully​ Sitting with Shame

Shame wants attention. Shame is very kind as it calls for us to look at it, to give it a moment of attention. It comes with good intention. It wants to help us in some way.  Read the full article @ Psych Central Mindfully Sitting with Shame.  Laura