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*Our current models of mental health and addiction are in desperate need to join modern times and current research.


Our work together is a relationship of bringing out what is in need of attention and what you are often unwilling or unable to acknowledge within yourself- much like a mirror, to help you see what you don’t see.  The role of mindfulness is to develop one’s self into an aware, skillful, capable human being — and to be a little playful in the process. The focus is to direct attention into your life,  just as it is— learning to open when you want to close, to stay when you want to run, and to fully participate in the process of your own life. 


The best I can describe it is that we don’t sit at the bottom of the mountain very long discussing why you want to climb. We will start climbing, and we will see what’s in your backpack as we move. Talk therapy limits people who don’t process life by talking and limits experiential practice. Sessions are intended to explore, increase awareness, and lead to action so you can experience change. 
  • reduced psychological (depression, anxiety, rumination, worry, anger) symptoms and emotional reactivity
  • improved family and social relationships
  • reduced ADHD, stress, and burnout symptoms
  • increase natural serotonin, compassion, life satisfaction, and well-being
  • a mindfulness-based program proved better than a standard cognitive-behavior program, and a conventional 12 step program, after one year, in reducing drinking and drug use (2014 JAMA)
  • And more, with over 4,000 academic and medical publications on mindfulness.
* Please take time to explore this website so that you get a better idea of my style and practices.  See if you connect to this type of work before you invest your time, energy, and money. 
Time Expectancy
The time it takes to make life changes is in direct response to the time you invest in daily work and practice. Most of my clients experience immediate results- in the first session. I do not believe people need therapy for long periods of time and I will do my best to give you the tools and skills you need. 
Initial Consult
90 minutes……….$150
55 minutes……….$135

Unfortunately, since this is a private practice I do not participate with insurance companies.
Cancellation Policy
If things come up and you need to reschedule an appointment, please do so within 24 hours. There is a $60 cancellation fee if you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice. 
You can contact me personally via email. 





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