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Welcome to The ARTiculation of creative, solution-focused information and research, designed to promote change and represent new forms & ARTful ways of forging better humans. 


Live More Studio doesn’t follow oversocialized norms or protocols. Our ness is in the business of a new appreciation (defined as growth) for human wealth and betterment. 
Wealth = Health + Wellness. 
Wealth defined as health you control. Your inner health is an asset worthy your time, effort, and energy. 
Wealth defined as personal wellness [the well you draw from for your unique ness] – and gaining control over this investment.  
Wealth defined as the inner resources of creativity, choice potential, higher intelligences of nature, felt-beauty, felt-strength, courage, grace, and all that jazz – and how these gifts can heal us individually and as a means to serve the world.
We aim to inspire and educate readers as to the value of these worthy pursuits


Your Human Wealth is the Priceless Solution

Live More Studio is for anyone who wants to know more about matters of priceless human pursuits of personal wealth. 
Live More Studio publishes at random with respect to the beautiful gifts of untethered inspiration and the unpredictable rhythms of nature.
Welcome to the greatest journey of your life; your one precious life

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